Change Of Gears

Taking a different direction I think. I've been pushed out of the industry it seems. And honestly, I'm just about over it. You can keep the being away from my wife and kids for weeks at a time for $600/wk. I have some leads on some local work, and some of it is not even trucking. One is retail. One is a plant nursery (maybe I can finally use that horticulture degree I have). And a few other ones are in computers and information technology. Got a few in the LTL side of trucking which to me isn't trucking it's a delivery driver. But guess what some of those guys make upwards of $1,000/wk working beer, soft drinks, etc. and they get to come home every night to their family and sleep in their own beds. Yes it's hard work unloading the stuff but I've never been afraid of hard work. In fact, it would do my body good! I'm overweight and need to get the pounds off and fast or I'm gonna die. But anyway, as you can see, there are plenty of other options for me that I am not going for. It's a long story about what happened with this company I blogged about recently. It's always so close yet so far away or another way, it's the carrot dangling in front of my nose syndrome. I'm over it. Y'all can keep it. Trucking is great…..if you are single. Can live in the truck and on the road for months at a time and stack some cash. For family guys like me, it's a horrible way of life. Keep it…..

Stay tuned for my next adventure. Be it, LTL or soft drink delivery, food delivery, hell, maybe even computer work again. Whatever the future holds for me, as long as I am home every night, I'm good. And my kids, newborn baby and wife will thank me for it. Oh, and yes, they are all proud of me for busting my ass and trying this trucking thing and getting a fully loaded CDL. Which I will keep active forever. Nobody is taking it from me. And who knows maybe when the kids are grown I'll go back to trucking for real. Who knows. But for now my priorities are being at home with my baby girls. P. E. R. I. O. D.

If I go into delivery, I'll keep blogging! Why not. It's therapy for me. I'll have to be trained, so that right there will be a few blog posts alone.

Oh and for those that wanna know, I trained for two weeks in Atlanta as I blogged about. Two weeks from getting my own truck at the end of this month, I was told it would be September before I can finish. And instead of two weeks left I get to train for another month. Throwing away all my training I've done for the past month. Not to mention I turned down at least 30 trucking jobs, putting my life on hold for this company and this is what they do. It started in May. Was hired in May. Told me I could start June 5th. June 4th got a call "oh it won't be til July 5th". I said whatever. Then after two weeks of training now it's September 1st. Fucking done.


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