Day 3

Shifting is improving dramatically. As well as my backing. Nailed the backs today first time. Every time. Felt amazing. Day started off after eating a convenience store breakfast at 6am with a quick pre trip inspection. Coupled to our ore loaded trailer at the Atlanta terminal and off I drive to Buford. To the Best Buy D.C.  It was gigantic. And tiny at the same time. Tiny for trucks. They had at least 200 docks. But the Parking was rough. Tight as hell. In fact my trainer had to back it in. Felt bad but he wanted to do it to show me a few things about tight spaces. We sat there from 8am til noon. Getting unloaded. Waiting for appointment. All that good stuff. I don’t care, I got paid for it. After that we took the empty trailer over to Winder to a plant that makes huge storage containers for water. Dropped that trailer at the dock and picked up our loaded trailer there. I drove it back to the Atlanta terminal. Backed it in amazingly, even my trainer was impressed. Uncoupled it and went home. Tomorrow is the end of week 1 of 4 weeks total training. Only 3 more to go. To say I’m damn tired of training is a gross understatement. I’m over it. But I gotta tell myself, only 3 weeks to go. Ugh.

Went to my mothers house tonight to sleep. It’s only 45 minutes to the terminal. That’s more like it! Gotta get up at 4:45am though. Shit. But it will all be worth it in the end when I have a secure and stable career that will never go anywhere.

Today I worked 6am-5pm, and drove 150 miles.


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