Day 2

Wow. Today was a busy and long one. Started off the day at the Atlanta terminal. I drove all day today and did all of the backing which was good. Anyway, the first stop was in Marietta. In morning rush hour. We had a quick drop and hook there. Dropped loaded trailer, picked up empty. We then went to Calhoun. Way up north in Georgia mountains. Good drive up. Got backed into the dock and sat there for a few hours while they loaded us with carpet. From there we took the carpet back to the Atlanta terminal to drop the trailer. After that, my trainer bobtailed to get an empty trailer a few miles away and take it to Palmetto. We sweeped it out and dropped it at the Lowes D.C. After that we bobtailed back to the Atlanta terminal and, since it was about 6:30pm, I decided to just stay in the truck overnight. Instead of driving two hours home.

The first night in the truck was cool. The APU hummed me right to sleep. Woke up about 4am though. I set the temperature to 50 degrees and it hit 50 degrees. Woke up shivering. Felt good actually with the 100 degree days we have been having lately. Woke up about 5am, got something to eat at the convenience store and started day 3.

Today I worked 6am-6:30pm, and drove 200 miles.


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