Day 1

First day at work was pretty good. I am finally at the last phases of my training. As if 13 weeks in school was enough, I got 4 more weeks to go. But in any case, today was good. Started off at 6am. Which, being the terminal is a two hour drive from Athens, I had to get up at 3:30 in the freaking morning. I’ll never understand why I moved so far from Atlanta, aka where there are jobs. So being exhausted I made it through my day.

Started off my trainer showed me how to couple. He drove the load to Doraville. However, I backed it to the dock. Nailed it perfect the first time. He was impressed. So was I, considering I haven’t backed up a truck to a dock ever and second, it’s been over 90 days since I even drove a semi. So we sat there getting unloaded for about two hours. He took a nap and I sat there and read stuff on my phone. I drove to the second stop of the day, out in Lawrenceville. Drove okay, considering it’s been 1/4 of a year. Little bit of gear grinding (why truck companies don’t go fully automatic defeats logic) but I made it. Backed it into the dock. Perfect once again first try. Not even a pull up. Got unloaded. Took about two hours. Left the location and went to Jefferson to drop off the empty trailer. I drove a little better. Backed the trailer between two trailers on a lot. Once again, perfect back. I guess a 53′ trailer is easier than the 43′ at school. I uncoupled and we bobtailed from Jefferson to the Atlanta terminal. After eating lunch for the required 30 minute break. Driving a bobtail was fun. Start off in 4th gear. Skip gears going up and down. Harder to stop though. Made it back to the Atlanta terminal and parked it for the day. Off for the 4th of July and back to training the rest of the week. Off weekends is cool. Driving four hours a day to and from work, isn’t.

Today I worked from 6am-6pm, and drove 150 miles.


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