Calm Before Storms

19553927_324593747963603_3344214279502601261_nWell I made it through the one day orientation with G&P Trucking in Columbia, SC. It wasn’t too bad. I loved the fact at how fast everything progressed, and how quickly they got us through and back home. I did have to drive the employee van back though (I volunteered) with the other two drivers from Atlanta. It was a four hour drive and I did it in one shot. I then, drove home another two hours. So I was exhausted last night.

On Monday, I will begin my training for them. Learn their trucks, systems, how they pre trip, how they run log books, how they plan loads, the qualcomm system, the whole nine yards. Its two weeks of training in Atlanta at the terminal, then I am off to Charlotte, NC for the final two weeks. I take a final road test with the company, and if I pass, I will be handed the keys to a $150,000 vehicle and told ‘don’t hit anything.’ I am both looking forward to these four weeks, simply because in my mind, this is the final test. I will FINALLY be in my own truck in a month (somewhere around August 1st) and be on my own and making money. And let me tell ya, they make MONEY (the drivers). I know a few personally that bring in over $2,000/wk.

So, I am back home in Athens, GA and taking the weekend to mentally prepare for whats ahead of me. I am nervous, anxious, excited, stressed, all balled into one. I will get through it though. I always have. I will find a way to internalize all of this information I will be given. And it will be a ton of information. I am certain of that. The trainer, I was told, has 35 years experience with the company. He is gonna pour everything he knows into me, to make me a ‘super trucker’ as my instructor said I still laugh at that term lol.

So lets enjoy the weekend. I am gonna shoot fireworks with my wife and kids this weekend, go view the fireworks in downtown Athens (its my youngest’s very first fourth of July) and relax. Cause the next 4 weeks are gonna be like going to basic training.

Stay tuned for more.


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