Columbia, SC

Today was pretty eventful. I got up at 6am and packed my stuff for my overnight trip to Columbia, SC. Headed out the door at roughly 7am. Got some breakfast, got some gas for my car and off I went to the Atlanta terminal for my trucking company I work for. 
Got to the terminal at 9am and waited for the other new guys to arrive so we could leave promptly at 10am. Waited in the lobby for a while and met the two other people that were just hired. All of us loaded into the company van in Atlanta and off we went. 

The trip was pretty uneventful. It was long though. A full four hours non stop out I-20. Got to the Columbia terminal at 2pm and did a quick road test. We were then informed orientation today and tomorrow was paid at $50/day. Not too shabby. Also, we were told the hotel room was $80/night and we would each have our OWN private room. No sharing with strangers and sleeping with your wallet. That was awesome! 

We left the terminal at 5pm and one of the new people drove us to the hotel. We checked in, and all three of us got our rooms. I went to subway and they went to the Mexican restaurant across the street. We got back to the hotel and here I sit, typing away on my iPad today’s journal entry. 

Tomorrow we get up at 6am, for the free hotel continental breakfast. Leave the hotel at 7am, to head back to the terminal here in Columbia. We are then going to fill out the paperwork needed, do some tours, check out some trucks and meet the president and CEO of the company. Then, off we go, back to our respective cities. There’s 13 of us total and only 3 from Atlanta. Tomorrow after the orientation, and meeting everyone, we drive (well, I drive) the company van back to Atlanta with the two other new people. Yes, they volunteered me to do that. I don’t mind though. They put me in a nice hotel free of charge so I’ll drive us back to Atlanta terminal. No big deal. At least I won’t be as bored as I was riding the 4 hours here. Driving it will be easier. 

Well that will just about put an end to today. Gonna go take a shower and watch some television before hitting the bed.


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